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References In Detail FAQ & Tutorial Docs related to the 64-bit version: Docs related to ErsatzLisp (PicoLisp in Java): There are also two (free) Books about PicoLisp available online: You can read and search the books on Scribd, browse the sources on Github, or download the PDF versions via the given links.

For all kinds of questions, please subscribe to the PicoLisp Mailing List. You can also browse and search through previous mails in the PicoLisp Mail Archive or, or receive some news, hints and insights via Twitter.

The PicoLisp sources of this wiki itself, and the "social share privacy buttons" are available at To try it locally, unpack these files in some convenient place (or the PicoLisp installation directory if you have a local installation), and follow the instructions in the "wiki/README" file.

More info about the social share privacy buttons is in "lib/socialshareprivacy/README".

Other resources: Repositories:   PDF   23nov15   mtsd