The PicoLisp Community

One of the coolest things about PicoLisp is its small community. We all love PicoLisp and love helping anyone who wants to learn more about the language.

For all kinds of questions, please subscribe to the PicoLisp Mailing List. You can also browse and search through previous mails in the PicoLisp Mail Archive.

There's also a small group that meets almost daily on IRC. Check out the #picolisp channel on

The @picolispRepl Twitter account regularly publishes code snippets and picolisp related news.

@miatemma's Twitter account forwards the Picolisp Explored blog news along with other related info.

Russian-speaking PicoLisp community has some translated tutorials and articles.

If you would like to donate to help with the development with PicoLisp, you may do so here.

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