A collection of PicoLisp examples

1. PicoLisp examples on PLEAC

On PLEAC you can find a lot of examples.

The original problems to be solved come from the well known "Perl Cookbook".

Since PLEAC isn't updated much anymore, we did an effort to prevent that those examples would become extinct.

Hence we copied and enhanced those examples to this Wiki.

The original examples were created by Alexander Burger, the creator of PicoLisp.
  1. Strings
  2. Numbers
  3. Dates and Times
  4. Arrays
  5. Hashes
  6. Pattern Matching
  7. File Access

2. PicoLisp examples on Rosettacode

On Rosettacode you can find a wealth of examples on a huge range of common programming problems.

What is very interesting is that people have created solutions to many of those problems in a large number of different programming languages.

Thus it is a rich source to learn a lot about programming languages, as well as algorithms!

PicoLisp on Rosettacode

3. Examples by category

A separate page on different examples by problem category By Category

4. Examples on PicoLisp functions

A (hopefully growing) set of example on specific PicoLisp functions. de

5. Useful links to other PicoLisp documentation

6. Direct link to Rosettacode picolisp examples


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