PicoLisp Online Conferences "Pilcon" are regularly held to aid understanding of various concepts of PicoLisp.

Beautiful, colorful and lucid mind maps of concepts covered in Pilcon are now available.

Latest Pilcon date on top.

Pilcon 2021-02-10 LLVM etc. llvm-etc.jpg

Pilcon 2021-01-02 Penti Keyboard etc. penti-kb-etc.jpg

Pilcon 2020-12-05 Chess-1 pilcon-2020-12-05-chess-1.jpg

Pilcon 2020-12-05 Chess-2 pilcon-2020-12-05-chess-2.jpg

Pilcon 2020-07-03 pilcon-2020-07-03.jpg

More such mind-maps to follow Pilcons. Thanks for your encouraging feedbacks. Enjoy!


06mar21   Nehal-Singhal