PilCon 2020

PicoLisp Conference / Kulturbahnhof Langweid 2020

The first PicoLisp Conference is scheduled to be held in Langweid (Germany, near Augsburg) from Monday, July 27th, through Wednesday, July 29th 2020.


Kulturbahnhof is the old Langweid train station building, operated on non-profit base by the Buch7 social book shop.

We can get the room for free, but they will accept small donations to cover the expenses.

Langweid is by train 15 minutes from Augsburg, or one hour from München central station. There are also several bus lines to/from Augsburg and some if the surrounding villages.


Until now the following persons have signalled interest to join:

Name E-Mail %
Alexander Burger mailto:abu@software-lab.de 98
Josef Bartl mailto:josef.bartl@7fach.org 98
Mattias Sundblad mailto:mattias@inogu.se 98
Alexander Williams mailto:alex@unscramble.co.jp 95
Priyadarshan mailto:lisp@gmx.com 98
Andreas Rüegger mailto:andreas@itship.ch 98
Karl-Heinz Kreis mailto:Karl-Heinz.Kreis@gmx.de 80
Vidyuth Kini mailto:vukini@fastmail.com ?
Kevin Ednalino mailto:kcednalino@gmail.com 80
Alexander Shendi mailto:Alexander.Shendi@web.de 95
pd mailto:eukelade@gmail.com 40
Robert Wörle mailto:robert@linuxdevelopment.de 98
r cs mailto:secristr@gmail.com 80
Rudy Hagedorn mailto:rudy.hagedorn@gmail.com 98
Pontus Näslund mailto:pontus.naslund@gmail.com 80
Olaf Hamann mailto:O.Hamann@gmx.net 90
Gitsis Christos mailto:cgitsis@gmail.com 90

Presentation ideas

Let's first collect ideas, then think about which ones to select, and how to put them in order.



Reservations are recommended as soon as possible. They are quite full usually.

I asked the Dirr farm wife (3rd one below) to keep their rooms free for us for some time. The appartment consists of two double and one single rooms, so they can be booked either in total (120 €, 5 persons) or individually (35 € single, 55 € double). Refer to me when you ask.

I'm sure there are many more possibilities, here some I could find with a short search.

Let me know if I can help!

Sonnenhof, Langweid

Augsburger Str. 33, D-86462 Langweid

+49 8230 840440


Schlemmerhütte, Langweid

Dillinger Str. 26, D-86462 Langweid

+49 8230 80060


Dirr farm holiday apartment

Dillinger Str. 7, D-86462 Langweid (across the street from Schlemmerhütte)

+49 8230 4403

+49 151 51768260

Ferienwohnung Hering

Alpenstr. 13, D-86462 Langweid

+49 8230 8597364

Pension Bachmann

Heribaltstraße 12, D-86405 Herbertshofen

+49 0175 7811178

ca. 700 m to Herbertshofen station, I station to Langweid

Ferienwohnung Frey

Maximilian-Kolbe-Str. 8, D-86405 Herbertshofen

+49 08271 4259540

ca. 1000 m to Herbertshofen station, I station to Langweid

Monteurwohnung Biberbach

Fuggerstraße 21, D-86485 Biberbach

+49 0178 6584114

Biberbach is 5 km from Langweid, no train, busses few

Apartment Gersthofen

Weimarer Str. 8, D-86368 Gersthofen

+49 0177 7771461

Gersthofen is about 8 km from Langweid. Busses about every half hour.

By train 2 stations, but the station is 2 or 3 km from that place.


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