Alternative repository install for macOS

This article shows how to use an alternative repository to install PicoLisp on macOS.

Use macports to install the required dependencies

$ sudo port install llvm-10 readline libffi openssl
$ sudo port select --set llvm mp-llvm-10

Clone the repository and modify the Makefile

$ git clone https://git.envs.net/mpech/pil21.git
The Makefile found in the src directory must be modified the following way:

CC = clang -I/opt/local/include -L/opt/local/lib
PIL = ../pil # pil
ASM = opt -O3  # llvm-as
LLC = llc
LINK = llvm-link
MAIN = -rdynamic -lc -lutil -lm -ldl -lreadline -lffi
# SHARED = -shared
SHARED = -dynamiclib -undefined dynamic_lookup
STRIP = : # strip

You can now build PicoLisp

$ cd pil21
$ (cd src; make)

Using PicoLisp

PicoLisp can be run by launching pil in Terminal.


When PicoLisp opens a GUI it serves it as a webpage. In order to see the GUI, just open your browser in Windows itself and point to the right page.


06sep21    brandelune