To aid understanding of various concepts of PicoLisp, beautiful, colorful and lucid mind maps are now available.

In alphabetical order.

Arguments-1 arguments-1.jpg

Arguments-2 arguments-2.jpg

@, Flow functions at-flow-functions.jpg

CAR, CDR, Pointers car-cdr-pointers.jpg

Code Maps code-maps.jpg

dm dm.jpg

Dotted pair, Symbols dotted-pair-symbols.jpg

Lists lists.jpg

Misc, Search misc-search.jpg

Penti Chorded Keyboard penti-chorded-keyboard.jpg

Relation Class relation-class.jpg

Sample Code sample-code.jpg

Simple Data base simple-data-base.jpg

Termux Picolisp termux-picolisp.jpg

Termux Tmux Pilbox termux-tmux-picolisp-pilbox.jpg

Types Classes types-classes.jpg

More such presentations follow, feedback welcome. Enjoy!

07feb21    Nehal-Singhal