Embedded Programming


There is MiniPicoLisp, a reduced 32-bit PicoLisp (also in C) especially suitable for embedded systems. It is a minimal version, without support for databases, UTF-8, bignums, IPC, networking and other system-dependent functions.

A kind of "pure" PicoLisp (not "pure Lisp"!), it supports the full PicoLisp language, but runs faster, and uses even less memory space. It should also not be restricted to Unix. In addition, it compiles and runs also on 64-bit systems.

Download it here: [miniPicoLisp.tgz]



Links to Rosetta Code tasks that are relevant to embedded programming?


Links to simple machines and the Mizar32 wiki book.

  • picolisp_simplemachines.pdf
  • Reviving Lisp for smaller programmable machines


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