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There's a surprising wealth of PicoLisp code and knowledge scattered about the internet.

This page is an attempt to organize all of that into a coherent document that will guide you from total beginner to total PicoLisp wizard.

Find tutorials and examples that interest you, type along, and make up your own variations whenever possible. Change the code, break it, see how PicoLisp responds.

Once you begin to build and discover new things, we'd love you to share your stuff with the community.

Here's more info about the wiki, including how to contribute. Happy hacking!

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Important aspects of the PicoLisp system

Articles & Essays

Efficient Editing

PicoLisp Versions

PicoLisp 64-bit version:

ErsatzLisp (PicoLisp in Java)

Free online books on PicoLisp

PicoLisp source code to run a Wiki yourself

You can try to use the Wiki yourself.

Unpack the Wiki tarball in some convenient place (or the PicoLisp installation directory if you have a local installation), and follow the instructions in the "wiki/README" file.

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